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Frequently Asked Questions

Before sending us a message, check out this list of frequently asked questions.

What's the address?

For safety the full address will only be issued in your booking confirmation. The home is located on Glenwood Avenue just across from City Hall and the police station, on the same side as West Side Liquors.

How do I know this is a real rental then?

We're legit! We have a website, you can find us on Facebook at facebook.com/staythewestside on Instagram at instagram.com/staythewestside. Bookings are only done on our website, with a direct link to make payment that has your reservation ID included on the payment screen. If you are asked for payment outside of our email address (stay@thewestsiderental.com), this is not legitimate.

If you think you received a scam email, forward it to the email above so we can check it's authenticity.

How many people can we have?

The property has 2 queen beds (4 adults), twin bunk beds (2 kids), an L couch (2 kids/1 adult) and a futon (2 kids/1 adult). You're welcome to contact us about bringing sleeping bags or blow up beds to have over 6 adults.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we love dogs but we have strict rules. First, we only allow dogs over 12 months old that are house broken, trained, and well behaved. Dogs that are barkers or that do not do well kept alone are not permitted. Our neighbors are close, and there is a tenant on the top floor too.

There is a $250 dog fee, and you will need to let us know the breed, weight, and age of the dog. Up to 2 dogs are permitted. This fee does not apply to service dogs.

How do I book?

All bookings are done through our website booking page. If there are dates that you'd like that are not available you can join the waitlist or contact us if you think there is an issue.

What's included in the home?

We have a great list on our home page of what is and is not included.

How are we expected to leave the home?

Please treat our home as you would treat your own. Trash goes on the side of the home under the stairs. Report any damage to us immediately so that we can work on a solution.

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